Codec Freedom is a project that introduces codec renegotiation for mobile and landline phone connections. This assignment is aimed at delivery of Codec Freedom for G.711 (relatively simple) and CSD (a bit more research work).

Please read about Codec Freedom on the dedicated project site.

The work of this assignment consists of:

  • Build up a variety of ISDN / VoIP connections with the G.711 codec, and conduct tests to see if bit insertion works. Include tests that stay within the A-law variant, as well as crossover between A-law and uLaw.
  • Demonstrate the RS-232 mode through bit insertion.
  • Demonstrate the packet mode, even across translations between A-law and uLaw; this involves escaping. The demon
  • Demonstrations may be live, but offline voice preprocessing would also be accepted.

The result of this project is a clear conclusion whether Codec Freedom is feasible on common telephony infrastructure. Inasfar as it is not, problems will be made explicit, and if possible suggestions to overcoming them should be suggested, and preferrably tested.